Time2watch , a french streaming site to watch your Movies

If you’re a regular fan-fans and like to watch french streaming movies , I suggest you visit the Time2watch streaming site. This is a community site run by a team of enthusiasts. The portal allows you to view free the last episodes of your favorite animated. Each video is available directly online and registration on the site is optional. You can read the descriptions of each manga, choose a reader to see their contents and also download the files! The homepage of Time2Watch is airy and very well presented.

Navigation is simple, including for new visitors. You can choose between browsing the last articles in order or by title lists. The categories are divided between anime, movies and magazines. There is also a forum, a faq, a chat and a contact page. Time2Watch has the particularity of respecting certain licenses when publishers or distributors ask them to keep an exclusivity of diffusion on certain protected works. In this case, it is still possible to watch your manga online but it will go through the official link of rights holders who often rate the HD format to their subscribers (low price). On the streaming site you can find, among other things, all the episodes of Bleach, One piece, Naruto, Magi, Gintama, Dragon Ball Z, Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu, Code Geass, Dragon Ball Kai and Akatsuki no Yona. Time2Watch gives you the opportunity to comment on all the media present in its catalog. There is an option at the bottom of the page to help the team by sending donations. a faq, a cat and a contact page.

Avalability: 10/10 The site has been online for some time without encountering major problems
Navigation / interface: 8/10 A very simple and really intuitive presentation, you will not get lost.
Advertising / Pop Up: 9/10 Neko-san has almost no ads, the portal accepts donations.
Files quality: 7/10 Files are available but it is quite rare to find HQ media.
Update: 9/10 Majs are regular and news is almost daily.
Web Site Address: https://Time2watch.fr

3 courts métrages tournés avec un iPhone [À regarder]

Les iPhone 4 et 4S sont non seulement des supports de communication, de divertissement et d’organisation, mais ils sont également des enregistreurs vidéo assez performants. Le iPhone Film Festival (IFF), une célébration biannuelle de la bonté des images animées portables, a franchi une nouvelle étape.

If you’re considering shooting a short film, documentary or music video then you’ve probably already got a long list of equipment you’ll need to invest in. You could, however, save some money and try shooting with the iPhone or smartphone you already own instead. Never underestimate the technology in your pocket.

1- Paranmanjang – «Pêche de nuit»

Écrit et réalisé par le réalisateur sud-coréen bien établi, Chang-wook Park, Night Fishing est une courte production fantastique mettant en scène un pêcheur qui s’emmêle dans sa ligne après avoir capturé une prise inattendue. Bien que tout le film ait été tourné sur un iPhone 4, le film disposait d’un budget modeste d’environ 130 000 $ (grâce aux succès remportés par le réalisateur), ce qui a sans aucun doute permis de payer les acteurs et les effets spéciaux.

Park a fait une déclaration audacieuse en choisissant d’utiliser uniquement l’iPhone pour capturer le film, bien qu’il soit admis: «Il est bon de faire un film avec l’iPhone, car de nombreuses personnes dans le monde aiment jouer et s’amuser avec eux. . “

Selon le réalisateur, la taille, la facilité d’utilisation et l’abondance des iPhones disponibles permettaient certains angles créatifs et des modifications impossibles sur des appareils plus volumineux. Vous pouvez regarder Paranmanjang en entier, sur Streaming 4 Iphone.

2- Sharkoon

Entrée dans le troisième festival de film pour iPhone de cette année, Sharkoon est un conte étrange et comique d’animaux marins mythiques. L’équipe a utilisé deux applications pour capturer leurs séquences – iSupr8 et presque DSLR -, ainsi qu’un trépied pour les prises de vues fixes.

C’est court, sympa et tout ce qu’une entrée dans un festival de film mobile doit être. Le jeu des acteurs est décalé, le montage est serré et la musique accompagne à merveille le monde chaleureux et simpliste dans lequel se déroule cette brève rencontre.

Au contraire, ces films montrent le potentiel du dernier iPhone associé aux techniques et aux accessoires appropriés, et ne devraient servir qu’à inspirer les cinéastes potentiels.

3- The Fixer

The Fixer est le court métrage superbement monté, superbement édité, créé sur un iPhone par quelques amis. Il doit son succès au travail considérable de post-production, mais conserve l’aspect et la convivialité de la «prise de vue sur un iPhone».

It’s really not difficult to see why this won first place – the voice acting, make-up and score match the quality and stylish post-production techniques. There’s not much of a story, but a lot of technical expertise and time went into this one.

“The Film Artist”, comme on le surnomme sur Vimeo, est un peu le maître de la vidéo soyeuse sur iPhone. Dans la première partie ci-dessous, intitulée «A Short Journey 4S», le cinéaste se promène dans sa ville natale de Londres, capturant tout ce qui le frappe avec l’aide d’un stabilisateur appelé Steadicam Smoothee.


Vous pouvez regarder le reste des entrées de cette année dans les catégories film, documentaire, animation et vidéo musicale sur le site Web du iPhone Film Festival. Le gagnant sera annoncé le 25 mai et les inscriptions sont maintenant fermées. Si vous êtes toujours intéressé à participer, vous avez amplement le temps avant la prochaine compétition en octobre.

Cette semaine, j’écrirai un article sur la production de contenu vidéo avec un iPhone. Par conséquent, pour des conseils, techniques et accessoires, n’oubliez pas de le consulter. Qui sait, vous gagnerez peut-être le grand prix IFF l’année prochaine?

Avez-vous réalisé des films ou des documentaires sur iPhone? Des favoris? Que pensez-vous des réalisateurs qui utilisent des caméras grand public dans les productions? Ayez votre mot à dire ci-dessous.

Frozen 2: The Storyline

Frozen 2: The Storyline
Frozen 2: The Storyline

Per Variety, the team clarified that the film will begin with the princess’ dad “[regaling] the young ladies with a sumptuous sleep time story from his childhood, when the youthful ruler himself visited a captivated essential woods, before something turned out badly and he was rapidly taken back to Arendelle. From that point forward, there has been a distinction between the individuals of the town and the components: Air, fire, water, and earth.”

What precisely occurred in that basic timberland? What’s more, what insider facts may Elsa and Anna’s dad hold? (Keep in mind, the young ladies’ folks disappeared and were thought dead in the principal film, however it’s charming that the imperial pair were lost during a tempest.)

Tip: Watch frozen 2 full movie here

During the introduction, two full scenes were appeared, incorporating one in which Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven partake in an energizing round of acts, which is possibly irritated when Elsa “is occupied by an eerie voice that no one but she can hear, and pardons herself to her space to be distant from everyone else.”

In the following scene, Elsa is indicated running “fast into dull and inauspicious water and enormous slamming waves. The clasp demonstrated an exceptional and graphically-fulfilling supernatural fight among Elsa and a steed molded water soul on the soul’s home turf.” Part of that scene has just been appeared in the film’s initial two trailers.

Per Disney, the sprit is a “Nokk — a legendary water soul that appears as a steed — who uses the intensity of the sea to protect the insider facts of the woods.”

3 Ways to Download Anime Movies

3 Ways to Download Anime Movies
3 Ways to Download Anime Movies

Look no further in the event that you need to realize how to download anime films. As you read on, you would understand that the quest for your preferred Japanese kid’s shows like Bleach and Naruto is finished. This is on the grounds that this article would demonstrate to you a few different ways to download anime motion pictures without costing much by any means.

What are the approaches to get such motion pictures to watch without overpaying?

Here, we uncover 3 different ways which a serious number of individuals are utilizing. Be prepared to be stuck to the TV or PC for a considerable length of time from now. There are huge amounts of good activitys around to engage you.

  1. Free Sites
    Have you known about P2P? Presumably that these spots can give you a chance to download anime films for nothing, this is no free lunch in this world truly. When you utilize their administrations, there is a way you would need to “pay” them which is to see their supported advertisements. You get them through adware that are furtively introduced onto your PC. Be careful with other hurtful components like PC infections and spyware. Furthermore, not overlooking the moderate document move.
  2. Fansubs Clubs
    These days, you see them to an ever increasing extent. Fansubs are named forms of the first kid’s shows into other neighborhood dialects. They are found in private fan clubs for you to download anime films and read their exchanges. Tragic to state, many do as such illegal. Likewise, these are specialist destinations and regularly low on data transfer capacity assets. So regular hangs are a standard.
  3. Paid Anime Clubs
    There are presently a few destinations or clubs that offer you an enrollment to download anime motion pictures. Every participation gives you boundless access to the several both new and the old animation works of art. It is regularly valued at $30 over. On the off chance that you are stressed that there are data transmission confinements, be guaranteed there are most certainly not. You can likewise copy them onto CDs or DVDs with the goal that you and your family can watch them on the TV.

The prevalence of paid enrollment destinations is rising quicker than the rest. The reason is maybe because of its moderateness for anybody to download anime motion pictures. Join the a huge number of fans who are enjoying them at my animation blog at the present time.

Source: https://crunchyroll.codes